One batter, many cakes

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One batter, many cakes

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When it comes to baking a plain cake or pound cake, we all have our own favourite go-to recipe. This one is mine, which I came across years ago. This is a fool-proof, time-saving recipe, and so basic that it can be used to make countless numbers of treats and desserts.

You can use your choice of favourite toppings, fillings, chocolates, fruits, creams, and frostings to make a wide range of desserts. And no one will ever know that you are using the same recipe over and over again.

Usually, I first place the eggs and sugar in a food processor and whisk till the sugar dissolves. Then I add the rest of the ingredients, blitz for a few seconds to mix everything, add a splash of water and the batter is ready to bake.

The cakes I'm sharing here are simple, easy and only require an extra ingredient or two and they taste completely different from one another. The pound cake is so delicious just on its own that it tastes good even while it's warm, and will be gone before it has time to cool down.

Brush a thin layer of simple sugar syrup on top to make it soft and moist. I personally prefer the crusty top. A bite of the warm crust and a sip of bitter sweet coffee help me to unwind, relax and simply make me happy.

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