Post COVID-19 recovery care

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Post COVID-19 recovery care

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For those who have contracted COVID-19, the road to recovery can be like looking down the barrel. Not only do you have to deal with fatigue, breathlessness and other physical effects of the disease, but also live with the psychological impact of it. According to a study published in The Lancet, even patients who have had mild to moderate symptoms of COVID-19 are likely to grapple with cognitive changes in the aftermath.

Emerging pieces of evidence do point out that those who recover from COVID-19 may face several long-term issues including shortness of breath, fatigue, headache and confusion. While a COVID-19 patient usually recovers in 2 to 3 weeks, studies have pointed out that people may suffer from kidney, lungs, and heart ailments post-recovery as well.

Other possible long-term impacts of COVID-19 include neurological conditions and mental health issues as research shows that the disease can also attack the brain and central nervous system. While the data is still limited and non-conclusive, it is still strongly advised to regularly monitor your symptoms post-recovery to look for any warning signs. There are ways you need to take care of yourself after testing negative for COVID-19.

Whether it is a nagging headache or a bout of breathlessness, it is important to pay attention to any warning signs that your body is not doing all right. Always inform your doctor if any such issues arise post-recovery. If you have any chronic illness and have comorbid conditions, a person of senior age group, take regular medication, it is strongly advised to monitor your symptoms like, checking blood pressure, sugar levels and consult your healthcare provider if the drug dosage needs revision. If you are taking multiple medications, you must consult your physician before making any changes.

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